A beautiful baby and a very large cake for her celebration session.  She absolutely loved the icing and literally screamed whenever someone got near the cake.  She was very concerned it would be taken away from her and it was obvious she was devouring and loving every minute of what was most likely the best cake in the world that she had ever experienced to date.
Her mom mentioned that they call her “chubbs” and she is just that at this stage in her life.  What an adorable little rolly polly!  Soon this stage will be lost because she is now up and walking and with all the energy she has she will soon lose all those cute little rolls.
For me personally I have never had a baby love their cake as much as she did that morning and for those of us watching her there was a whole lot of laughing going on.  OMG it was so much fun for her, all of us and not a memory we will soon be forgetting!
The beautiful cake was created by Shannon Leigh.