A Studio Event – “Holiday & PJ Sessions”

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 There are limited session spots available and they are expected to fill up quickly! Once all spots are  filled  this form will no longer be available!


PAYMENT is non-refundable if you are unable to make it.  Please call (780) 675-5133, prior to the session should you find a replacement to fill your session, so that we can alter our name for that time slot.

NO CAMERAS, OR CELL PHONES allowed in the shooting area of the studio.


MODEL RELEASE is agreed to by client - PORTRAITS MAY BE PUBLISHED on MJ Edwards Photography social media sites and may be possibly used for advertising purposes or business promotional products etc., or entered into competitions by photographer,  without prior notification to client - the only exception thereto, is that should the client choose that the portraits not be published on social media prior to Christmas 2017, then those portraits would either be published after Christmas 2017 or possibly be utilized on social media prior to Christmas 2018.  The day of session you can let us know what you decide.  (*Please Note:  your child’s name will never be mentioned by photographer)

PORTRAITS are selected by Photographer for editing and they will be emailed to the client and the client will have permission to make an unlimited number of copies for their own personal printing needs.  Client can not  reproduce the portraits for any non-commercial purpose.. Client may not edit, alter or use any of the portraits for commercial or editorial purposes or to enter any of the portraits in competition without the express written permission of the photographer.

COMPLIMENTARY WEB TESTED PORTRAITS WITH LOGOS are supplied for client’s use on their own social media sites.

COPYRIGHT:  There is no permission granted to clients to put the print versions of the portraits without the logos on any social networks. Marilyn Edwards of MJ Edwards Photography retains copyright.


In the case of any of the following:

  1. If the Photographer is unable to perform to the obligations for this session for any reasons outside of her control;
  2. In the event that digital images are lost through camera or equipment malfunction, without fault of the photographer;

A refund would be made in full to the client for what they had paid at time of booking, however the photographer will not be liable for costs in excess of that amount.

ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR in any manner will not be tolerated.  PHOTOGRAPHER CAN REFUSE to begin or complete a session and there would be no refund to client.

CLIENT UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES that they must adhere to these policies and that they will be required to sign the Contract Sheet, the day of the session prior to said session taking place.

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