We were so very happy offer this event again!

Thank you to all of you who came out to it.  Avoiding the lineups and rushing at a mall, to instead have quality time with Santa was well worth it.  Then afterwards Christmas baking & refreshments were enjoyed by everyone!

As for the children – you could feel their excitement at arriving at the studio – some had faces that lit right up & they smiled from ear to ear.  Some were in awe of him.  Some had serious discussions with him to ensure their wish list would be honored.  Some were uncertain what to think of the man in the big red suit & for that matter some weren’t having any part of it at all.  Some loved to be in his presence & gave him big squeezes and others whispered in his ear.  And a few had the pleasure of offering and sharing christmas cookies and fancy drinks with him.

This year Santa gave treat bags out to each child as an added surprise.  What a nice touch – thank you so much for doing that Santa!  It couldn’t have been better – what a fun time this was!