We are bombarded in our day and age with all kinds of portrait photography styles that are all so incredibly beautiful.

I have heard that it takes a photographer about four to five years to discover your style.

It is not until you truly listen to what is speaking to you in your own portraits that you are able to determine what your own Authentic Style is.

For me over the past years, I have discovered that I gravitate towards: less is more, natural and real, simple and classy, which translates in to gentle, light and dreamy imagery.

This is what my business brand has become and will remain throughout my career. It just feels right.

My job is fun  and  I love what I do. I really enjoy working with families and have discovered they enjoy working with me too.

My speciality choice is maternity, natural newborn, babies and families and it is a perfect fit for me and what I love most.

 If you are drawn to my work and how it speaks to you, then

I look forward to working with you and capturing images that I know you will not only love, but cherish for the rest of your life