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Welcome Skye

Your family is over the moon

You are so perfect in every way and exactly what they dreamed of and more!

Natural Newborn Sessions

Geared to capture images that will be cherished for years to come.

Babies are content and comfortable in positions that are real & natural – capturing the essence and beauty of who they are.

Shot in the warm, comfortable and dreamy lit studio, within the first few weeks after baby’s arrival.

Sessions are lead by baby –  approx 2 hours long , allowing time for mom’s to feed, change and care for them.

Advanced preparation is best.  Be in touch about two months prior to your baby’s due date, as babies don’t always arrive as scheduled.

Deposit  includes a “styling attire appointment”, done here at the studio (or over the phone for long distance travelers) about a month prior to baby arriving.

Styling appointments are fun,  removing mom’s stress as to what she and her family will wear the day of the session.   Mom’s are welcome to bring along any of your own items that they feel would be suitable or simply choose from the massive studio closet (filled with beautiful items for mom’s and children up to size 6) removing the need to go out and purchase new things.

Once baby arrives, the mom contacts the studio, and she can then choose a session date within the first couple weeks.

Package choice is only determined after the images have been viewed by the parents – generally one to two weeks after the session.

All packages include parents and siblings, with no additional charges to consider.

We feel there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a newborn being held in their mother’s arms and/or seeing the connection & emotion of their parents.

Summary of how it works:

Do the deposit – we will style the session – we will shoot the session with you, your baby & family – a gallery of images will be presented about two weeks later at which time a package choice can be determined.

Contact us and to begin planning your intimate newborn session.

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It really is because of all of you that this year has been filled with so many incredible memories.  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new mamas and families this year.  Clients that keep coming back, your loyalty is so very much appreciated.  For all of you, planning your sessions, shooting them and then working on them afterwards to create galleries that you love, is what I love most.   I want to take a minute to thank all of you for trusting in me to capture your special memories.  I honestly couldn’t feel more blessed.

Because we live in a time where social media is what drives us, for those of you who take the time to share, tag and comment, it really means alot and is appreciated more than you know.  I finally started using Instagram and would love for you to come over and follow me there as well.

This past year there were a few new specials introduced.  There were two “One Day Only Events” added – Celebrating Motherhood and Holiday Bed & PJ’s.  I am so in love with them that they will be offered again this year.  The Celebrating Motherhood Event will be coming up in March or April.  I will be making that decision soon and let you all know.  And the third special is one that was just recently announced.  It is the Beautiful Baby {Petite Sessions} that will run one set day a month, in as many months as possible.  These petite sessions were added for mom’s wanting to get just a handful of shots to capture their baby’s milestones throughout the first  year.  They are advertised a month or two in advance and currently the dates are available for January and February.  Be sure to watch for more dates and grab a spot so that you don’t miss out.

2018 will amazing and I will be offering some sweet new things you are going to love.  I already have sessions reserved throughout the entire year, including fall family sessions.  Although I try to accommodate as many families as possible it is best to secure your sessions about two months in advance, especially the fall field ones to ensure you will have a spot seeing as there are only so many days available.   My first session this year is a maternity one tomorrow – a sweet little belly bump.  What better way to start off the year!  I am excited to see all the belly bumps and precious baby bundles here in the studio this year.

Below are some of the highlights from 2017.



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A gift of love and a blessed Christmas!

Several years ago when our grandson was born, my husband’s parents became great grandparents for the first time.  I remember my mother-in-law saying “what a gift it is to be a great grandparent and how blessed they are”.  I can only imagine how that would feel.   Over the years, several more babies have joined the extended family and I have had the pleasure of seeing how much joy it brings my in-laws.

Having said that, over the years I took on a personal project.  It was to take a photograph of all the great grandchildren together.  It was easy when the first two greats belonged to just one family.  But then two more greats arrived belonging to another family.  And since then two more greats have come along from two more families.   Now it involves four families.   Hmm – this project has become more challenging!  LOL

Two families have to travel and with all of these little ones growing up, everyone is always on the go.  Parents coming and going – so it takes a bit of preplanning to get all of them together at the same time.  This year everyone was going to my husband’s parents for Thanksgiving so I had the mom’s bring their little ones over here just beforehand (luckily, we live just a half mile apart) so that I could capture this year’s group shot.

Each Christmas as we watch the great grandparents open their framed print, which immediately replaces the previous years on their wall, we see their emotions and feel their pride and joy.  It is a reminder of what a blessed Christmas is.

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