Although her newborn session was four months ago, It almost feels like just a few weeks ago.  Skye is four and a half months old now and has grown and filled out a fair amount.

She is not only a beautiful little baby girl, she can now kick her legs, reach for things and she is beginning to roll over and hold things.

She coos to the voice of her mama when she calls her, their little “Skye Bear”, and the cutest of all are her sweet little smiles.

Some Monday morning fun!
People, especially moms are most often pretty good at being able to guess the age of a baby. It is kind of a neat feeling when you get it right, and then you feel so proud of yourself when you do.
To make it a bit more challenging for you, I have shown an image of this baby’s legs only. I’ll bet most of you will try to guess and I wouldn’t be surprised that most of you will get it right.