I do offer  Engagements and Post-Wedding sessions
This post is not intended to minimize wedding day photography, but to highlight a fresh, new way of capturing this milestone in a couple’s life.
My post-wedding shoots are designed to represent
what the “marriage will be” rather than the focusing on the many events that comprise the wedding day itself.
What I love about post-wedding shoots:  
because  they can be rescheduled if weather becomes an issue
 locations are not limiting and can be very unique in nature
they are shot during the magic hour, offering optimal lighting
the bride is less concerned about her dress
and more focused on her partner
 there are no other commitments for the bride and groom so everyone is relaxed and there’s no need to rush
 the focus is solely on the couple, allowing no distractions and enabling me to capture their true emotional connection
sessions are beautiful and romantic in nature
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