Whether you are enjoying pregnancy or not

Every mother-to-be feels differently about their pregnancy which in some cases may be a determining factor as to whether or not they choose to do a maternity session.  I just want to shed some light on this issue and remove that factor.

I’ve worked with women who have loved their entire pregnancy and are sad when it’s over, and I’ve also worked with women who can’t wait to become a mom, but don’t enjoy being pregnant. I get it. I envy the first kind of woman, because I belonged to the second group.  Regardless, I still couldn’t wait to become a mom!  Having said that, I understand that feeling either way is perfectly fine.

If you’re thinking maternity sessions are only for women who love being pregnant, you’re wrong

Instead focus on the outcome of your session – those timeless, personal portraits – which  is, after all, the beginning of your baby’s story.  In the end you will have no regret and be so glad you did.

Stress free sessions / Studio attire

One of the reasons I provide maternity attire for my clients is because if you aren’t feeling great during your pregnancy, shopping for clothes won’t necessarily be a priority. And because I strive to make each session as stress free as possible, I have a wide range of clothing for you to choose from to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, which in turn brings out your own natural beauty.

I usually meet each client prior to their session to give them time to choose what they’d like to wear and to personalize their session based on clothing they want to bring along with them or outfits they’d rather choose from the studio.

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