Honoring Two Grade 12 Graduates

In January of 2015, I contacted our local high school. As a way of giving back, I wanted to donate two free sessions to two well deserving graduates, a special treat they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

After much thought and careful consideration from the school, I was connected with two graduates – one female, one male. Their identity was to be kept confidential and no portraits were to be posted on social media. Enjoying the experience of a professional photo session from start to finish would be for their benefit alone.

When the sessions were complete, they each received the digital negatives from their session and a slideshow of their still shots put to music as a keepsake for them and their families to look back on over the years.

In the end, I had the pleasure of meeting two incredible young adults who were equally well deserving and appreciative of being chosen. They each enjoyed their time with me and, best of all, the sessions made them feel special.

There are no beautiful portraits to share with this post which is why, I guess, I haven’t written about it until now. Having said that, I recently realized that, for me, sharing the photos will never be necessary. You see, I went into this wanting to give back, to do something that would create a fond and lasting memory for two well deserving high school graduates. But the best part is that I didn’t fully realize how much they would leave their mark on me.

I will never forget them or the time we spent together.

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