Three Baby Angels “Nursery Tale Tour”

This nursery is full of character and loads of sweet charm – which is exactly what I was looking for when I ran this contest.  The outcome for the winning entry would  be that their nursery would be featured on the blog and they would receive a premium packaged, boxed set of 5×7 linen prints as a keepsake gift.


Why this entry was chosen as the winner:    This particular submission caused me to pause, when I saw that there were  “three cribs”!   For this “do it yourself mother”,  she would have had extra challenges because of what this room would require.  Obviously her primary goal would have being functionality, so to end up with a nursery that was this visually pleasing told me that she had put a lot of thought and planning into it.  The lay out and the decorating is simply lovely.

Focal Point:   On top a painted armoire there are sparkling glass vases, filled with colored sand & flowers and on the opposite side of the window is a large art abstract , painted by the mom.   The furniture  creates balance and grounding for this space.

Well thought out:  Being a planner the mom knew the sex of their babies in advance, and therefore decided to keep the room gender neutral.  It would need to work for two boys and one girl.  This space is rather narrow, so the neutral light colors and the clean visual lines, lend themselves to a spacious feeling.  The off white walls and light dove grey accents create a calming atmosphere. The large soft rug adds warmth to the room and serves to keep the room quieter.   Each of the crib sheets have their own unique pattern which is very pleasing to the eye.


Functional and Meaningful Items:  A clear glass container filled with several pacifiers is close at hand and a very practical.  The drawers are adorned with shaped labels making it easy to locate items quickly.  Hand painted artwork created by the triplets’ two year old brother,  is framed and hanging on the wall for his new brothers and sister.  A tiny hula lamp that belonged to the mother has now been passed down to her new baby girl.


Best Features:  These little angels and their parents, have been spending a fair amount of time in this nursery, since coming home from the hospital.  Their two year old brother frequents this room almost as much as everyone else.


Visual Interest and Sentiment:  Small pops of rainbow color and a shiny silver fan add  interest to a far corner on the opposite side of the room.  A frame  of the mom holding her precious little ones in the hospital –  it is a shot of the beginning of their life story.  One that will no doubt be a keepsake forever.


Reused and special items:  A rocking chair from their first born was moved into the nursery, and you see draped over it a blanket and small comforter handmade with love for this nursery.   A framed set of snapshots taken at the hospital when the babies were in neonatal care makes you realize just how fragile they had been at only 33 weeks along.


Uniformity: is seen above each crib with a set of three frames, housing unique things for each baby.DSC_0707_edited-1-copyFa_2DSC_0821_2-copyDSC_0560_4-copyDSC_0723_edited-1-copyHa_edited-1-copyDSC_0838_edited-1-copyZd-copyDSC_0590_3_mid


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