When is it best to do professional photo sessions

Whether using a cell phone or a point-and-shoot camera, every parent likes to capture those daily, on-the-go, spontaneous moments they share with their new baby. Flipping through digital pics of your baby is always a joyful thing to do! That said, professional photos are not just as equally important given that your photographer has the experience to capture timeless, quality portraits that can be used as fine art on your walls or in a custom designed album, but they are a beautiful compliment to your everyday pictures.

In today’s economy, hiring a professional photographer can be overwhelming on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. To make this easier I offer a Petite Session Plan and a Baby Membership giving you financial savings and bonuses gifts.  A payment plan option is also available.

Below is a milestone referral guide that reflects when most of my clients hire a professional.

A Milestone Referral Guide

The Maternity Session

Whether you’re having your first child or your last, a maternity session represents the beginning of your baby’s story, showing your child how much they were wanted and loved before they even arrived.

Maternity PortraitsMaternity Portraits

The Newborn Session

A newborn session is designed to capture the love you feel for your baby now that he/she has finally arrived. Generally these sessions are done between 1-2 weeks old, capturing your baby’s fragile, newborn features (ie., their tiny yawns, peeling skin and wrinkled fingers and toes).  I love seeing moms with their newborns and welcome fathers and siblings to join these sessions as well, capturing the essence of a growing family.

Newborn PortraitsNewborn Portraits

 Four to Five Month Session

By now, babies are often bracing themselves or rolling over, smiling and making faces. This is the time to capture how much your baby has grown in such a short time.

Baby portrraitsBaby Portraits

Six to Eighth Month Session

By 6-8 months, babies are often crawling, sitting up on their own, and entertaining themselves with hand-held toys. This is the perfect time to capture how your baby’s unique personality is beginning to emerge!

Baby portraits Baby portraits

One Year Old

By now your baby may be walking, talking, and will certainly be a going concern. A one-year-old session can be arranged in different ways, depending on what you prefer. For example, a birthday celebration session would show how your child has reached this special phase in his/her life. However, some families choose to do a family session instead, where everyone is included in the one-year-old’s milestone.

Family PortraitsOne year old celebration portraits

Benefits of professional sessions

By doing professional sessions like these, your photographer will be able to take those images and create beautiful heirloom artwork, photo albums and slideshows that can be used as timeless gifts for you, your child, and even grandparents.  There’s no better gift for a grandparent than to receive than an album or slideshow of the people they cherish most in this world.

Beyond the milestones noted, I encourage parents to continue scheduling occasional sessions prior to their child turning five years old, because by then they will have outgrown their tender, innocent, child-like essence, and, sadly, there is no going back to capture it once it’s gone.  There is no better compliment to your everyday pictures than doing this for you and your precious babies.


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