Surrounded by disaster at home, he is something magical to brighten their world

This Fort McMurray family recently fled the fires, in and all around their city and home a week and a half earlier.  It had been  quite an ordeal for them all.  The mom recalled only having one of her daughters with her at the time of evacuation and having quite a time retrieving her other daughter.  She did finally retrieve her, but her husband was north of the city and it would take awhile before he could reach them.  I can only imagine how he was feeling with his daughters and expectant wife on the other side of the city.  Once they were reunited and leaving  their home,  they could see the massive fires burning their city.  It  is a vision that will be implanted in the parents minds forever.  The parents are not sure if it affected their youngest daughter and aren’t sure how and if it will affect their seven year old or not.  As they headed out on the highway they were then stranded for yet another three more hours along with so many others.  It was like something you would see in a movie, but never expect it to happen in your own city.

Although their experience was so horrific, they were thrilled to later welcome the safe arrival of their baby boy & brother into their world.  The mom ended up having her son one week early in the City of St. Albert.   His bigger sisters (seven and two years old) absolutely love him and he is already getting a whole lot of attention. They were fortunate in that they didn’t loose their home, but homes all around them have been burnt down.  They will soon be returning home and lucky for them, their new son will bring some light to their situation as they watch their city rebuild.

He is twelve days new now and the truly, the sweetest little baby boy ever.  Congratulations to this family.  It was a pleasure working with this family to capture some magical moments.

There is something to be said for the kindness of others at a time like this.  I would like to thank Amber S, a local hairstylist for volunteering her time away from her own little boys, to come over to the studio to pamper this mom by styling her hair just prior to this session.  Because of that she didn’t just feel amazing, she looked amazing too.  🙂


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