Sweet Miracle

It is hard to believe that our daughter is now a mother.  Last August she married her best friend and we were overjoyed when we learned that they were going to be  parents this summer.  Their daughter and our granddaughter was welcomed into the world on June 10, 2016.  We are all feeling very blessed, and our hearts couldn’t be more full right now.

On another note entirely, I was surprised at how much peeling skin our grand daughter had all over her.  Even her little eyelids were peeling, and there was no wiping it away.  My daughter was concerned about it, but I mentioned how beautiful it was as it would be a memory of her first few weeks at home.  The amount of lanugo (the downy baby hair) she had wasn’t a surprise for me, as I remembered my daughter had been the same way.   In looking at the few very poor quality pictures I had of my daughter when she was a baby, I could still see the resemblance between them.

It will be fun to not only watch her grow over the next year, but to be able to capture it for her and her parents for years to come.  I am already looking forward to doing a family session for them this fall. Congratulations!

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