Shot in my new field, with a new lens and an incredible family!

These parents are very easy going and their children are so incredibly adorable, which is only two of so many reasons, I love working with them.  In saying that, I really was very appreciate of the fact that they were patient with me throughout the session.  I am saying this because I was working with a brand new rather complicated lens.  It ended up being way more challenging to work with than I anticipated when I bought it.  So much so, that I was even considering trading it in.  When I found out I would only get a third of what I had paid for it, I became very determined to figure it out.  My lens issues  didn’t phase this family in the least, and we all still managed to have lots of fun.  The best part for me was that yes I finally did figure the lens out, and I  love the outcome of this session!  There will be no trade in’s here.  Thank goodness!

On another note entirely, this spring I made a decision to  prepare an area close to the studio.   One that I could utilize for these types, of evening sunset sessions.  My husband and I have done a fair amount of work over the last few months getting this field ready.  What I love most is that it is literally just outside of the studio and around the corner.  Literally!  Having said that, I was very excited to finally get out there and start using it.

Since doing this session I have done a few more and am super pumped about this field.  The shooting options almost seem endless.   You know the feeling of getting that gift you had always hoped you would get – well that is how I feel.  I can’t wait to create more beautiful intimate sessions like this one.   I am now in love with this field and my new lens.  I am all smiles over here.

Now check out this beautiful family!

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