MJ Edwards Photography is the featured artist the month of October  in the new “Sunday Morning Chic” store in Athabasca

A new store just opened in the town of Athabasca called “Sunday Morning Chic”. The dynamic owner & instructor “Anita Smeltzer” along with help from others, has done lots of change to the old house, creating a super sweet shop where she will be offering a variety of different things for sale and super fun fusion paint workshops.
She came up with a concept to leave one room empty, and each month will be featuring different local artists. It will be awesome to see this room transform over the year adding extra interest to her shop.  

I couldn’t be more excited that for the month of October, “MJ Edwards Photography” is the first to be featured in the artist’s room.  The collage below gives you a feel of what my setup  looks like, but to really appreciate it and of course to  view the pretty displays you will need to stop by in person.  The shop is located at 4804-49th St. just east across the street from the Athabasca Registries building and is open between  11-5, Tues-Sat.  The street where the shop is located is currently being torn up for some major repairs, however there is parking in the alley at the back of her shop, where you are more than welcome to park.


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