It was a first here at the studio!

We wanted to offer a special to mom’s – celebrating the most important thing in their lives!

Below is a collage of some of the shots taken from each of the sessions, that took place here at the studio in April 2017.

The Event was offered as an affordable special at only $175, which included three images in separate poses.

Each mom was presented with a gallery of all of their edited images, from which they got to choose those three images, and were given the option to purchase additional poses individually or to purchase all of the remaining digitals if they chose to at a reduced rate from what the regular package prices would have been.


  1. Sessions were  pre planned & shot in an order to fit the age of babies and children.
  2. Each Mom was here for about an hour.  With the design session offered first, each mom had about a half an hour to choose their attire and then each session’s duration was approximately half hour-long.
  3. Although each mom had the option to bring along some of their own attire,  they almost all ended up choosing an outfit from the studio.  They had help in coordinating with their child’s attire; almost all of the attire was supplied by the studio closet (filled with so many choices for mom’s and (children up to size 6)) – relieving stress, making it easy & certainly removing the necessity of having to go out and shop for attire that would lend itself to a session of this nature.
  4. Mom’s arrived with hair and makeup already done, but had time to revisit their look prior to any shooting taking place.
  5. Sessions were laid back & free-flowing.  Each mom was directed into poses making for beautiful contemporary images capturing connection with their little ones.

We loved the outcome of these sessions so much, that we will be offering this event again. We would love to see you here next year.  It is most likely to take place next spring.  Having said that be sure to watch for when the bookings open in 2018 as there will be only so many session spots available.

To view each of the sessions individually you can visit the Annual Specials Category and choose the dropdown of  “Celebrating Motherhood” or simply by clicking here.

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