Natural Newborn sessions with “Marilyn” at MJ Edwards Photography

  • Are always shot in the warm, comfortable and dreamy lit studio, within the first few weeks after baby’s arrival.
  • Sessions are organic in feel and nature and are shot in a contemporary fashion, revealing the intimate connection and emotion felt by the parents/siblings with their new baby.
  • Focus is primarily on the baby, their tiny features & details – therefore void of props, backdrops, bright colors & patterns.
  • Babies are captured in their own relaxed, comfortable & natural positions that you would see them in at home.
  • Are lead by baby, allowing time for mom’s to feed, change and care for them.
  • Utilizing different textures of neutral, pastel, light earthy toned color options – shot with depth and dimension in mind – edited in a light, airy & dreamy manner –  for an outcome that is timeless keepsake images one will never tire of.
  • Wide variety of diverse images.

Advanced preparation is best.  Be in touch about two months prior to your baby’s due date, as babies don’t always arrive as scheduled.

Deposit  includes a “Design Session”, done here at the studio (or over the phone for long distance travelers) about a month prior to baby arriving.

Studio assisted design sessions are fun,  removing mom’s stress as to what she and her family will wear the day of the session.   Mom’s are welcome to bring along any of your own items that they feel would be suitable or simply choose from the massive studio closet (filled with beautiful items for mom’s and children up to size 6) removing the need to go out and purchase new things.

Once Session has been designed and baby arrives, all the mom has to do is contact the studio, and she can then choose a session date within the first couple weeks.

Session length is approx 2 hours long and are free flowing with little down time due to the nature in which images are captured.

Package choice is only determined after the images have been viewed by the parents – generally one to two weeks after the session.

Because we feel there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a newborn being held in their mother’s arms and/or seeing the connection & emotion of their parents, all packages include parents and siblings, with no additional charges to consider.

How it works:

Simple:  Do the deposit, we will design the session, shoot the session with your baby & family, a gallery of images will be presented about two weeks later at which time a package choice can be determined.

Contact us and we will begin planning your intimate newborn session.

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