Meadow – she is our little granddaughter and our little angel.

There are so many things I can say about her.

She is super inquisitive, incredibly particular and her demeanor is quiet.

She loves looking out the big window at the neighbors “orsies” and playing with her cousins when she is here.

Her latest is to do a little hop hop hop as she says the words “hop hop hop” when she comes in to a room or around a corner.

In the morning it’s super cute watching her slip out of her bed, stuck in her sleep sack and shuffling across the hallway with tiny little steps, as she says “Hiii!” with the biggest smile on her face.

Most of those mornings, she taps her “Bampa” on the forehead and says “woffows”?  It’s there thing and it melts us every time.

Just after doing these shots, she was on facetime and told her parents that she did “Pitures!!!”.

So no matter if her hair is tosseld about, or done up nicely, or whether she is dressed like a ragamuffin or in a cute little outfit, we always see her as our little angel.

I love this age and wish she could stay this little forever.

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