It feels like a lifetime ago since the studio was opened.

There has been several changes over the last five years in the studio itself – from painting, reorganizing, new chairs, bench,  pretty draperies, newborn wraps, blankets, headbands and so much more but possibly the sweetest of all is the addition of the huge ward robe available for mom’s and (their little ones – right up to the age of six) to utilize for sessions – whether it be in the studio or in the field.  The majority of clients utilize the studio closet and are loving it!

The best for me has been that I have had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible families.  I am always amazed at the new things I learn from expectant and new moms and the uniqueness of each family that passes through.   I have made so many new connections and formed friendships that would never have been possible if I weren’t doing what I am doing.  I honestly couldn’t feel more blessed.

I really want to show my appreciation – it’s my way of giving back and saying “Thank You” for the past five years.



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