2018 Outdoor sessions have already begun

The fall season for shooting outdoors will be reduced by two weeks this year.

Summer is in full swing and we are all trying to fit in as much as we possibly can for enjoyment and staying afloat with everything else.  For me, it’s no different, I have been taking extra  time off for vacation and camping with family.  Then the days I am back at work I am doing catch up and working on my large summer “To Do”  list.

This week things get super busy, with August and September being right up there.  The calendar is filling up quickly and this year I will be done shooting outdoor sessions at the end of September, rather than mid October.  Simply because, the last two years I have ran in to issues with “Snow” and “Cold” that came early for a few sessions.

Generally it is safe to inquire and reserve by forwarding the session sitting fee, a month in advance.  However in order to ensure your session can be accommodated and to allow time for your separate attire styling appointment, it is best to inquire as soon as possible.

Every year there are noticeable changes in your little ones, as they get older, grow taller and loose that baby or childish look you want to freeze forever.  Don’t put off doing a session now or you will miss out.

Soon summer bill be gone in a blink of an eye and before you know it, fall will be just around the corner.  Be sure to take a few minutes out of your day today and inquire with us to check if we can get together and create some pretty sun kissed images.

I would love to begin planning your intimate session while they are still little and capturing your family’s unique story.

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