I have known this family for several years now.  The first time I met them they only had two children but soon were expecting their third.

It has been a pleasure watching their family grow and change over the years.

Like many mom’s, she recognizes how quickly they are changing and would love to keep them little forever.

While we were doing the attire styling appointment, she mentioned that she was excited to do a session with her children while they are still so little.

She mentioned she wanted more than just phone pictures, something that would be quality and timeless to look back on forever.

And as I worked with them the entire time guiding them through their session, it was a pleasure watching this couple simply enjoy the time with their babies.

While they played, snuggled and cuddled, I had the pleasure of capturing some beautiful intimate moments for them.

Almost all of the attire was from the studio closet with the exception of some footwear and the parents pants.

I loved her choices of the pretty pastel pops of color.

A boxed set of linen prints of all their images to enjoy!

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