At the start of each new year it feels like a new beginning and I am so looking forward to that.  Each year has brought some change and I am loving all of it.  In order to keep you informed, I will keep posting to Instagram and Facebook and for those of you who take the time to share, tag and comment, it really means a lot and is appreciated more than you could possibly know.

Being a Newsletter subscriber doesn’t just keep you in the loop, but for some of you that were winners of the random draws, you will have realized larger benefits from doing so.  Thank you to all of my subscribers and welcome to all new ones!

Additions at the Studio:

The studio has evolved so much over the last three years that I can’t even describe how much it has impacted things.  The studio closet continues to grow with new clothing for babies, toddlers and families that keeps arriving on a regular basis and mamma’s are amazed at the selections available with the complimentary use of it when they book a session.  Attire styling appointments are super fun and a great way to connect with me well in advance of the actual session.  New baby & tot toys have been added and everyone is loving them.

New Specials that are designed with the client in mind:

The Beautiful Baby {Petite Session} Special has planted it’s feet and is here to stay.  To capture those milestones of your baby’s in their first year has been wonderful.

As a perfect add on in 2019 there has been a “Tiny Tot” Special added for toddlers/preschoolers.

And just launched early in January is the “Little Siblings” special.

All of these specials are designed to capture the stages of where your baby, tot and children are currently at.  The Booking Forms for each of these Specials is always live, so simply visit them regularly to see the months and dates they are being held.

These Specials can be accessed here as well.

I am very excited about the 2019 Celebrating Motherhood Event – focus is on mamma with her baby, tot or little ones.  A beautiful keepsake mamma’s deserve, holding, cuddling and playing with your little ones.  Watch for advertisements of when this Event/Special will be held in the spring!

Products have been added:

More selection (beautiful quality items to hold and look at for years to come)  have been added to the A La Cart options and clients are loving them.

Outdoor Family Sessions:

In 2018 the shooting season outside was shortened by a few weeks because of the issues with snow coming early in prior years.  Then in 2018 snow and cold arrived two weeks earlier yet, causing a few sessions to be put off until late spring in 2019.  Although I try to accommodate as many outdoor family sessions as possible, it really is best to secure your session about two months in advance, as there are only so many evenings available in spring, summer and fall.

I am super excited for 2019 and all of what it will  entail.  There are several sessions secured in the new year’s calendar and I am really looking forward to them.  🙂

To ensure you get slotted in the calendar you can book your session here.

Thank you so much!  We are so looking forward to another incredible year of meeting new clients and welcoming back return clients.  🙂

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