Here is a glimpse of Danielle and her two incredibly cute little boys!

When I asked her:  Now that you have a second child do you find it harder to get sleep?

This was what she said:  “When I had my first, I breast fed longer and I found he woke up several times in the night.

With my second I found I wasn’t getting enough sleep so I ended up weaning him sooner.  It has helped to create a better sleep pattern for him and does allow for me to get a little more sleep.

But regardless, I still don’t get enough sleep. “

I here this a lot with mom’s.   Whether you have a baby or toddlers, many mom’s should be given a medal for their personal sleep sacrifices!   🙂

All above wardrobe was complimentary from the studio closet.

MARILYN EDWARDS specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Baby Milestones & Family Photography.


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