This year during the Celebrating Motherhood Event, I asked each mom a question or two about motherhood.

Many of you will be able to relate to their honest answers.

For this mom when asked:

  1.  How did it feel to become a mom?  This is what she said:

“Well I actually really felt my baby was going to be a boy,  so was surprised when she was born.  I have to say I am loving every minute of my baby girl!  She is just so much fun and i can’t even imagine it being any other way.”

2.   You mentioned you recently moved to our community.  How are you enjoying living here and have you met many other new moms?  This is what she said:

“Well it’s been great.  Thanks to Parent Link, I discovered a group of moms.  Because of that I have met some new friends and some of us go walking on a regular basis.  It has been really nice, because we can all relate to one another with our babies all being similar ages.  It’s exactly what I needed.  🙂 ”

For any new moms wanting to know more about Parent Link you can check it out here.

Wardrobe for mom and baby were from the studio closet, complimentary with her session.

MARILYN EDWARDS specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Baby Milestone & Family Photography.

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