Most of you will be able to relate to the hectic and frenzied moments when getting your little ones ready as you read this post.

Because I forgot to ask Charla a motherhood question when she was here, I face timed her this morning.

She was in the garage wrangling their bikes.

As she was talking to me, explaining their morning plans, she was also trying to put Ollie’s helmet on.

Her head quickly twisted telling Meadow not to go on the road and that she would have to wait.  When she turned her attention back on Ollie, she realized his helmet on backwards.

Of course I am seeing the chaos of the moment and not just laughing inside, but also kind of reflecting on my own past mothering experiences.

Anyways, they were literally just leaving to bike to the park.

They were excited to meet another mom and her little ones for a play date.  Although she was in a bit of a hurry she asked what was up.

In the moment I felt it was a perfect time to ask this particular question:  Is there a difference in the way you view other mom’s now, as compared to before having children?

This was her response:  “Oh my gosh – Well this is what I will say.   For lack of a better way of wording it.  I certainly don’t judge mom’s in the same way I used to.  Not that I mean it in that way.  I mean judge doesn’t really sound good, but I certainly have more of an appreciation for other mom’s in a way that I never did before.”

I thanked her for her candid answer, and mentioned that most other mom’s feel the same way.

I am certain their bike ride and play date out weighed the chaos of those few moments before leaving the garage.    🙂

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