Danielle and her two sweet little sons were such fun to have here in the studio.

Her baby had just began walking (well actually running LOL) about a week before, so it was great that

Danielle’s mom came along to help us out.  🙂

When I asked Danielle:  “How do you find balancing special time for each child?”

This is what she said:  “It’s a bit of a challenge.  How I do manage is to have my husband watch one while I spend time with the other.

ie: When I went to the water park with my three year old I left the baby behind with my husband, so that I could focus on and have quality time with just him.   Making each feel special is important to me.  I find it works pretty good.”

Quality time with each is special – not just for them but for you as well.

Thanks for sharing your strategy Danielle.  It must be working because you can see that each of your sons are so in love with you.   🙂

All above wardrobe was complimentary from the studio closet.

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