2019 was wonderful in so many ways!

For me personally:   I had made a goal to enjoy living in the moment and appreciating all that I have.

I spent more time with my family and grandchildren, because I realize that as each day passes they are growing up before my very eyes.

I also put in a vegetable garden and enjoyed getting out of the office every day at lunch to work in it.

Overall it was a great balance between my personal life and my photography business.

For the business:  I met many fabulous new mamma’s and families and enjoyed seeing so many others coming back as well.

To all my amazing clients, thank you so much.  You are the reason I carry on with this crazy passion.


I will keep posting to Instagram and Facebook and for those of you who take the time to share, tag and comment, it really means a lot and it is appreciated more than you could possibly know.


Being a Newsletter subscriber doesn’t just keep you in the loop, but for some of you that were winners of the random draws, you will have realized larger benefits from doing so.  Thank you to all of my subscribers.


Be sure to watch for those announcements coming out soon!

Again thank you so much!  🙂

Below are just some of the highlights from 2019.

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