It was a beautiful early fall session with an incredible family! It had been a few years since I worked with them, and it was wonderful having them back. They played and enjoyed their time together and the evening was gone before they even knew it. About three months prior to
2019 was wonderful in so many ways! For me personally:   I had made a goal to enjoy living in the moment and appreciating all that I have. I spent more time with my family and grandchildren, because I realize that as each day passes they are growing up before my very eyes.
A sweet taste of the tickle!  :) Full family's attire supplied from the studio closet.  Complimentary to all clients. MARILYN EDWARDS specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Baby Milestones & Family Photography
I have done a multitude of sessions with this family from Maternity, Newborn, Baby Milestones for each of their little girls and some Family sessions in between as well. What an honor to watch this family grow and change over the past several years. These little girls are just
Oh my she has changed since her newborn session! She: has the biggest blue eyes the cutest little rolls is starting to teeth makes funny facial expressions is doing quite well at sitting rolls over on her own loves to smile and giggle for her parents (especially her daddy
Their session was well over due! It was one that had to be rescheduled from last fall to this fall, because of the horrid weather conditions we were dealing with. We were all grateful for such a gorgeous fall evening, and the fact that this was "actually happening" this time ar