Like most families the beginning of a weekend is always an exciting one and for this family this was no exception.  It was extra exciting for this family to have their portraits done, seeing as she is also a photographer.  She is usually found behind the camera at "Oh Snap Ph
 I arrived at this session never having met this family, and although I had a feeling of who they were from the consultation with the mom a week earlier, it truly was a pleasure to get to meet them all in person and spend an evening with them.   The dad managed to have his two l
I was on my own this particular afternoon.  Getting these two girls into their dresses and going out to where I wanted to take these shots.  Hauling some of the things they would need, including their snacks, a chair, blanket and my camera equipment would most likely have been
Time goes by quickly - the last time I saw these darlings they didn't have their newest little addition yet.   It has been five months since this family welcomed their baby girl into their family.   Little blondies with their bright blue eyes, I have to say these three couldn't